Nonpareil Equine Services

Nonpareil Equine Services offers horseback riding lessons for children and adults, from beginners to horse show ready riders, as well as professional grooming services, and an informative blog on horsemanship.

Services currently offered in western and central Pennsylvania.

Grooming Services


Meagan has worked for several top professionals in the hunter/jumper industry as a show groom, and it is still one of her biggest passions. Having a supreme attention to detail, Meagan enjoys every grooming job. Taking the time to groom well allows you to notice tiny changes to a horse. Not to mention, grooming well makes your horse look and feel great, which will encourage them to put their heart into their performance every ride.


Daily Grooming & Show Grooming

Meagan offers a daily grooming service for brief periods, such as when you go on vacation or are recovering from an injury. She also offers show grooming services on a limited basis. This includes taking care of every need while at the show, so the rider can relax and focus on the job at hand. This is a perfect option for particularly high stress shows. Meagan will come to the show and make sure you have a happy, clean horse ready to meet you at the warm-up ring, and leave your horse feeling their best at the end of the day.


Meagan offers both bodyclipping year-round, so you can continue training and keep your horse comfortable with a trace clip, or show ring ready with a full clip year-round. Barn discounts available!


Meagan offers huner-style mane and tail braiding in the western Pennsylvania area, as well as mane-pulling, at affordable rates. Please contact her on the contact page for more information.


Meagan is happy to offer grooming & horsemanship clinics for 4-H groups, summer camps, and other riding groups. Contact her to add to your program.