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The Value of the Livestream

In today's day and age, everything has the potential to be recorded and broadcasted to the world. That has worked against some riders as their temper tantrums or questionable riding techniques were shared and went viral on social media. But for most of us, it is highly in our favor... 

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These days, almost all of the big "A Circuit" horse shows are livestreamed. The value of these livestreams is immense. We have all heard that watching others ride can improve our riding. But when we actually go to horse shows, we spend more time talking to our friends or with our face in our phones. What if we were able to watch horse shows on our phone, without these distractions? We absolutely can, thanks to websites like and

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The advantage of watching horse shows is to be able to see what all the things your riding instructor yells at you are supposed to look like. Like when they tell you to shorten your reins, but you feel like they are incredibly short already, until you watch a few hunter rounds from Devon, and realize, ooh... they're not really short at all. Or improving your two-point position, or your leg position, or your release over fences. It's all there for you to see. Simply watch a few rounds of the hunters, the equitation, the jumpers, wherever your goals point you, and then watch a video of yourself jumping. Don't get discouraged. This is a lifelong sport, where we are always working to improve our riding. Sometimes we even see that well-known professional riders make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and we all have something to work on. But don't forget to work on it...

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The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is running through this weekend, and the Upperville Colt and Horse Show starts June 4th, both livestreamed on the USEF Network. These are two of the oldest and most iconic horse shows in the country. Do your homework and tune in!