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HOMEWORK: Watch the George H Morris Horsemastership Training Session

George Morris is one of the horsemen I respect most. (In fact, his book "Hunter Seat Equitation" will be January's book of the month!) Not only is he a great rider and trainer, but he holds very high standards for horsemanship out of the saddle in addition to in it. Yes, he can be a bit brash and to the point, but that's part of what I love about him. Each New Year, I have a tradition of watching the George H Morris Horsemastership Training Session on Our country's best young riders are invited to ride in this intense three day clinic in Florida. One of the things I love about it is that the riders each have to take complete care of their horse; no grooms or trainers allowed. Oh, and the riding portions of the clinic are livestreamed for FREE on It's like getting to audit an amazing three day clinic from the comfort of your couch...

This weekend is looking a little icky for us in North Carolina, as our first winter storm is appoaching. Perfect timing to allow you to binge watch talented riders, brilliant trainers, and the beautiful backdrop of Florida in the winter. The livestream starts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8AM. While George Morris himself no longer teaches at this event, most everyone that does has trained with him. This clinic will get pretty in depth. Some of it might not make sense, but I assure you that you will still get a lot out of watching any of the sessions.

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