Nonpareil Equine Services

Nonpareil Equine Services offers horseback riding lessons for children and adults, from beginners to horse show ready riders, as well as professional grooming services, and an informative blog on horsemanship.

Services currently offered in western and central Pennsylvania.


Welcome to the beginning of Nonpareil Equine Services. While I teach and work in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, I hope that this blog will reach farther and help horsemen and women across the country. All too often I have met people who have been riding for a few years, might even have their own horse, but have never learned the nuances of horsemanship. I'm talking true horsemanship, taking care of your horse from the hoof up. This includes things like cooling your horse out after a ride, why we curry our horses, and how to tell if a horse has a bellyache. 

I think back to how I learned about these things, and I am eternally grateful for all of those who have taught me along the way, whether it was just because I was spending my Saturday afternoon hanging out at the barn, always eager to learn more, or because it was part of my job as a groom and barn manager. I hope I can be a helpful mentor to other young equestrians and ensure that we have a generation of riders who not only ride well, but are also capable of taking excellent care of their horses, and have the desire to play a part in their care.

Horses don't have much of a say in this sport. As horsemen and women, it is our duty to make sure they are comfortable, happy, and that their needs are met, sometimes even before our own. I hope that this website and blog will serve as a place to go for information on horsemanship, as well as local events in the Raleigh area and maybe even book reviews so you can continue your quest for information. Won't you join me?